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EquipmentDr is equipment maintenance software with repair tracking, also known as CMMS (Computerized Management Maintenance Software). EquipmentDr allows you to enter all of your equipment with all its information in an easy-to-use software application.

EquipmentDr has been developed exclusively for companies who have valuable equipment to track and maintain.

We found that we spend a lot of money on equipment and wanted to maintain them properly to get our money's worth. We had many of the same or similar models so trying to remember what was done on each piece of equipment was close to impossible. For example, we knew we had replaced the belts on one mower, but which one? Rather than using excel sheets or hand logs we developed EquipmentDr!






» Tracks equipment serial numbers & model numbers

» Tracks equipment purchase dates & warranty information

» Tracks & Schedules services for each piece of equipment

» Shows preset and customized reports

» Handles regular equipment maintenance with ease, as well as unexpected or one time repairs

» Assigns equipment to a crew and tracks damages

» Checks equipment in and out so you know who has it

» Allows you to hold crews accountable for their own equipment


Equipment is the second highest expense in your company. EquipmentDr helps you make smart decisions by telling you how much you have spent on repairs and maintenance (parts and labor) and allows you to make smart business decisions on whether it is time to purchase a replacement or continue to repair it.

NEW!!! EquipmentDr features the latest technology by incorporating bar codes for CE, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices. These allow your mechanic/s to see all the work that needs to be done then record the work when it is done. This data is synced back to the computer and updates all the records.

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